A. What is azoospermia?

Azoospermia male refers to the outflow in the male semen tested did not find any sperm, including the live sperm and dead sperm were not found. (Found dead sperm death called Azoospermia Azoospermia is not called, clearly in need of special points), strictly speaking, should be the semen of men three times in a row in the laboratory using centrifugal sedimentation method of semen, sperm can not be found, as men without azoospermia. Azoospermia male infertility among men is a relatively common cause of male infertility is also among the most difficult treatment, the treatment course of a long cycle disorders (see generally testicular biopsy spermatocytes or a little immature sperm need to use high-dose "Dan spermatogenic" three months to one year, three-month cycle of treatment for a basic course of treatment, it is because spermatogonial cells from the epididymal storage growth by injection in vitro need to know about the 90-day time). Dr. Yang's treatment of infertility in the two decades of clinical practice, successfully treated azoospermia about the success rate of more than 80%. Azoospermia is the name of a laboratory diagnosis is through laboratory examination of semen to know the results. Chinese medicine shall mean the area classified as non-people. Chinese medicine for thousands of years, generally the use of Wuzi Yanzong pill (schisandrin, Dodder, medlar, raspberry, Plantago) to treat such diseases. Extension to help future generations of Chinese have made great contributions. However, Wuzi Yanzong as a result of relatively simple pill, combined with the modernization of the ancients there is no equipment to check the sperm will be asthenospermia, oligospermia and azoospermia classified as a class, according to the statistics of science: to help Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan should belong to the less azoospermia or asthenospermia. Use of modern means of medical testing and statistical method, the "Dan spermatogenic" Wuzi Yanzong pills, and the control of starch on animal models of azoospermia strict test, six months after treatment, taking "Dan spermatogenic" azoospermia animal model There are about 80% resulted in live sperm taking pills Wuzi Yanzong animal model of 12%, and taking control of starch animal model 0%. Through the means of modern technology to prove: "Dan spermatogenic" is the treatment of men with azoospermia of proprietary Chinese medicines of choice.

B. Azoospermia male causes and what is the mechanism?

Sperm, as well as the generation of cycle time for drug treatment based on the human male has two testes within the scrotum, each testicle be approximately 300-1000 seminiferous tubules, the total combined length of up to 200-300 meters, sperm on the fine song originated in the testis seminiferous epithelium of the tube, and the seminiferous epithelium by spermatogenic cells and support cells. Mature men in androgen stimulation and maintenance of, the original of spermatogenic cells to develop into spermatogonia, primary spermatocytes, secondary spermatocytes up to develop into sperm cells, and then through a complicated evolution of the ultimate development into a mature sperm. More than a complete spermatogenic cycle takes about 72-92 or so. That is why the use of "spermatogenic Dan," the time of the theoretical basis for more than three months, in most cases, Dr Yeoh azoospermia treatment cycle is approximately four months to ten months.

In human testis spermatogenic process, the need for a relatively low-temperature environment, through the surface of a large number of sweat glands in the scrotum and the sebaceous glands of the regulator of the scrotal temperature, so that the testis remains around 35 ℃. Scientists have done such a test, on the use of steam bath-loving men, repeated observation of their quantity and quality of sperm was found after repeated steam bath, can reduce sperm count, sperm motility has also been weakened, deformed sperm and immature sperm the number will increase. At the same time, also observed the men's bath water-loving part of the changes in sperm quality was found a week 3-4 times the bubble bath of hot water, water temperature at 40 ℃ or more, the sperm head deformities and the number of immature sperm have increased significantly, from This shows that scrotal temperature on sperm quality can have a direct impact. Upper left map is the map section of the male testes, such as orange pulp, like the bending of the sperm duct is convoluted tubules, the sperm duct is produced by the epithelium.

Azoospermia male causes and mechanism:

  • Congenital hereditary diseases such as pseudohermaphroditism. 
  • Congenital testicular disorders.
  • Two-test result of cryptorchid germ cell dysplasia, spermatogenic dysfunction or spermatogenic capacity, cryptorchidism or even malignant lesions occur, seek medical attention early. 
  • Endocrine abnormalities, such as the level of : hyperprolactinemia, hypothyroidism, male, estrogen excess, such as a serious imbalance. 
  • Non-Sertoli cell syndrome is a congenital or acquired as a result of factors leading to germ cell loss, only the remaining support cells, which led to no sperm production. 
  • The incorrect use of cottonseed oil can lead to testicular atrophy and germ cell death to damage sperm production.
  • Severe varicocele, the testis resulting in poor blood circulation, local temperature is too high spermatogenic adversely, resulting in azoospermia.
  • Obstructive azoospermia: a common cause of the vas deferens as a result of congenital or acquired cause of obstruction there, so that sperm can not be output, a viable test or hydrotubation vas deferens vas deferens obstruction position after angiography to select surgical approaches, such as from the Department closer to a viable epididymal epididymal vas deferens anastomosis, such as the distance is the Department of later resection anastomosis obstruction, such as the obstruction is caused by a viable combination of epididymis epididymis resection or simple medication, anti-TB drugs in general or the use of two-triple method to determine obstruction infection pathogens after treatment of the use of sensitive antibiotics.

C. Azoospermia male types

Azoospermia male sperm obstruction can be divided into sperm Road and two types of non-obstructive, refined type is due to obstruction of vas deferens obstruction due to play, so that sperm can not be eliminated from the body. Common cause of congenital vas deferens Road is missing, and infection caused by vas deferens, epididymis or ejaculatory pipe blocked pipes. Road male sperm is due to non-obstructive spermatogenic dysfunction, caused not produce sperm. There is a common cause of sequelae of mumps, cryptorchidism, Klinefelter syndrome, testicular damage, chromosomal disease, long-term use, such as chemotherapy or radiation sickness. There is also a rare type of pseudo-azoospermia, patients will each ejaculation of semen into the bladder, from the penis of a small number of sperm injection is the most liquid prostate fluid, this situation can not be occasional see sperm, it can be seen from the urine sperm centrifuge, which is extremely rare, this period is not on the table.

D. Chinese medicine for the understanding of azoospermia

Commonly known as Chinese medicine azoospermia as "son", "sterile", "without issue" and that its cause has yin and yang are virtual context Stagnation.若素body weakness, lack of birth of the gas, Tiangui not sufficient, and liver, spleen, blood is insufficient, or stasis,痰阻can be refined so that men can not have or can not be discharged. Also focused on the treatment of kidney Tianjing, huoxuehuayu. Its therapeutic effect than the Western use of hormone therapy for a good rebound. "Dan spermatogenic" Dr. Yang is the medical practice the past two decades, the use of Chinese medicine theory, the world's leading men in the mentor specialist care under the guidance of Professor Chen Yumei, a strict set of thousands of times, adjusting the flow and use the invention of modern scientific proof of the male infertility treatment have a good role of proprietary Chinese medicines. For azoospermia, "Dan spermatogenic" clinical cure rate of over 70%.

E. Azoospermia due to the following:

  • Sang Sang made the original obstacle type: congenital absence of spermatogenic capacity, which is the study of chromosome abnormalities and genetic factors were found, or by biopsy and learned can also be found after repeated semen, such as abnormal chromosome 47XXY pseudohermaphroditism.
  • As a result of inflammation of the testicles can not produce sperm, the result of more than due to mumps and other infections can also lead to disease.
  • Sperm pathway through obstacles, resulting in the semen without sperm injection, such as gonorrhea are sometimes caused by the blockage of the vas deferens.
  • Suffering from congenital absence of testis or cryptorchidism, epididymal cysts or injury.
  • The elderly caused by testicular sperm's ability to decrease manufacturing. But varies from person to person, it was still more than 70-year-old fertility.
  • Other factors such as barriers to nutrition, industrial hazards, radiation exposure, febrile diseases, allergy and Anopheles alcohol, bad habits such as regular sauna.

F. Azoospermia male treatment

Produced primarily on the basis of the cause of azoospermia treatment accordingly.

  • Surgical treatment: occlusive azoospermia may be different circumstances in accordance with the purposes of vas deferens anastomosis, anastomosis epididymis vas deferens, semen artificial settings tumor surgery, epididymal sperm extraction, such as transurethral incision. Barriers associated with primary testicular varicocele should visit spermatic vein ligation.
  • Non-surgical therapy: Non-primary germinal azoospermia obstacles if endocrine abnormalities such as pituitary gonadotropin secretion can be impaired gonadotropin gonadotropin-releasing hormone and testosterone treatment and added, etc.; pituitary tumor should be surgically removed; pituitary micro-adenoma, idiopathic hyperprolactinemia bromocriptine treatment available;
  • Congenital absence of testosterone deficiency and the special cases of chromosome abnormalities or severe hypoplasia of the testis or secondary testicular atrophy, testicular sperm production without biopsy, and are generally more difficult to resume the treatment of male spermatogenic function, if after a full course of treatment "Dan spermatogenic "four-month treatment cycle, and in the semen examination is still unable to see the live sperm or sperm death, so doctors often recommend friends to use sterile semen for artificial insemination by donor sperm or adoption of those children (of these two methods need to go through a strict "Dan spermatogenic" attempt did not renewable sperm, only a last resort). Where a routine examination of semen found no sperm, the semen needs to be done centrifuged sediment from the town of Frederick, 3 times to check if the sperm were not found to be diagnosed with azoospermia. And further follow-up arising from the cause of azoospermia. 
  • Spermatogenic card of the Chinese medicine "spermatogenic Dan." Up to now, can really cure the proprietary Chinese medicines azoospermia and internationally recognized, "Dan spermatogenic" is one of them. Unless the primary congenital diseases such as congenital absence of testes, cryptorchidism, such as pre-operative, and the rest are in azoospermia "Dan spermatogenic" and try to treat the scope of treatment. More than 70% of patients with azoospermia, after "Dan spermatogenic" course of treatment, clinical cure to achieve the purpose, the majority of patients, after a course of treatment must be gone through: 1) clinical cure male azoospermia microscope to see live sperm, 2) an increase in sperm count male sperm, the normal form, 3) male semen quality and quantity of sperm meet or exceed the normal level, his wife pregnant with a baby naturally. There are some patients, clinical cure azoospermia, see live sperm, the use of artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization method to my wife's pregnancy. Needs depending on the quantity and quality of sperm to reach the most appropriate treatment. With "Dan spermatogenic" in patients with azoospermia, there is a hope that, with the hope that the next generation. 

G. Azoospermia those checks needs to be done?

  • Appearance: a medical examination of patients with azoospermia, the patient should pay attention to the development of secondary sexual characteristics, the number of whiskers. Whether abnormal genitalia. Varicocele disease, whether the cryptorchidism. Smooth skin, the distribution of body hair.
  • Palpation: testicles touch the size of a doctor, texture, if the testicular volume of less than 10 ml, unusually soft texture, often prompted spermatogenic dysfunction. Further check whether epididymal thickening, nodules, vas deferens thickness, with or without nodules, with or without interruption. This diagnosis of obstructive azoospermia very valuable. If no good at suspected obstructive pulmonary disease, the vas deferens angiography should be done, whether the sperm can be observed and there is a clear obstruction obstruction site. Unclear when the vas deferens touch, and from non-coagulation of semen, semen volume, seminal fructose determination of zero, that is, absence of seminal vesicle tips.
  • Blood test: Determination of endocrine levels: common projects, such as: PSH, T, PRH, LH, E2 of azoospermia usually be done in patients with serum follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), the quantitative determination of testosterone, If the FSH measured 2 times higher than the normal limit, often prompted spermatogenic dysfunction. Need to take, "Dan Spermatogenesis", plus services such as drugs inhibit FSH: Bromocriptine and so on.
  • Testicular biopsy: If the normal testis biopsy should be considered first for obstructive azoospermia. Pathological examination showed testicular lesions ranging from spermatogenic obstacles: such as the type of spermatogenic dysfunction, characterized by seminiferous tubules still spermatogenic cells at all levels; spermatogenic block type, the characteristics of living sperm cells still exist, However, the decrease in the number and can not develop into sperm; serious obstacles spermatogenic type, may be transparent seminiferous tubule degeneration, fibrosis, such as membrane changes are not reversible.
  • Chromosome examination: to determine whether azoospermia caused by congenital reasons, most cases of chromosome abnormalities, accompanied by the appearance of other malformations, and genital pseudohermaphroditism, it was relatively easy to distinguish. Azoospermia in all cases, the proportion of chromosome abnormalities and clinical statistics of less than 1%. Therefore, friends do not have tension in patients with suspected chromosome abnormalities themselves, the majority of patients with abnormal chromosomes, the normal male body shape and differ widely, it was relatively easy distinction.

H. TCM Azoospermia analysis:

Said front, Chinese will be classified as Azoospermia: no post, no child, no people. And oligospermia asthenospermia same category, sub-type are:

  • Less than yang, less decline essence type: clinical features: low sperm, semen cold, or folders are kind of sticky thick frozen block; low sexual desire; chills, weakness in ; looking Huang white, make them apathetic . Pale white tongue coating, thin weak pulse Shen. Governing Law: Kidney Yang, Qi Tianjing. Doctors also have to be classified as less than essence: thin card see less semen, decreased sexual desire or normal, pale Shaohua, weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, frequent urination, pale tongue coating thin and weak pulse Shen. Bushen Tianjing, can be used with: (ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Cistanche, yam, cornus officinalis, Moreover, Mulberry, deer horn and the Chinese wolfberry, plastic shell, Dodder, Chinese angelica, fish, visit a prostitute). Suitable for this type of high-dose "Dan spermatogenic" for using them, added, "Kang Wei Ling" capsule.
  • Insufficient yin, essence less failure-type: clinical manifestations: sperm volume, or thick non-liquefied semen; sex normal or hyperthyroidism, Yang Yi-hing or see things premature ejaculation; dizziness, insomnia forgetful; five upset hot, dry mouth throat; fat drop off gear. Carex mamillata less breakdown pulse. Governing Law: Ziyin Tianjing, Kidney Qi, for this type of high-dose "Dan spermatogenic" continuous use.
  • The spleen and stomach weakness, lack of sources of type: clinical manifestations: sperm volume, sperm density <20 million / ml, semen volume or number of poor sperm motility; fatigue, shortness of breath made lazy; eat less body weight loss; stool thin. Carex short white slip of tongue or fat, weak pulse Shen. Governing Law: Jianpi Yangwei, spermatogenic blood. Suitable for this type of high-dose "Dan spermatogenic" continuous use or use "Hanbao" capsules.
  • Hot and humid place, burning semen type: clinical features: low sperm density below 20 million / ml, dead sperm, and semen have pus cells, red blood cells, leukocytes, or semen yellow see less, not liquefied; testis perineal pain and discomfort; ejaculation pain or burning sensation; pain tired of sorts, do not want to drink thirst; red, upset irritability. Red greasy yellow tongue coating, slippery pulse number. Governing Law: Kiyotoshi heat, Nursing Stephen precision. Doctors also have to be classified as fine silt Road stop: see blood and strong evidence, strong young body, texture and normal testicular size, Shaofu pain, or feeling, or a transition, such as leaching yellow tongue moss dark yellow, pulse a few strings. Governance in order to Qingre Tongluo stasis, to be used with: (Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Chinese angelica, peach kernel, safflower, Cyathula officinalis Kuan, Wang no line, Passepartout, Yinhua, dandelion). Azoospermia, such as drugs (such as triptolide, etc.), after stopping the treatment to be appropriate. Suitable for this type of high-dose "Dan spermatogenic" for using them, plus the "prostate" capsule.
  • Phlegm stagnate, hardly the type sperm Shibuya: Clinical performance: less than 20 million sperm / ml, sperm can be seen less viscous or non-liquefaction; thick sticky sputum; Shaofu pain, testicular swelling or pain in hardware; saliva and more physical, body fat; cough and more saliva; pale chlorosis, lethargy. Carex mamillata white, clock slip or Shen Shen. Governing Law: Jianpi Huatan, Yiqi fine line. Suitable for this type of high-dose "Dan spermatogenic" for using them, plus the "Zhengqi pill."
  • poor ejaculation; ejaculation when bulging perineum and urethral pain; upset irritability, bulging pain relief threat; abdominal pain on both sides of falling; lips dark color or purple; varicocele. Tongue or dark red blood ecchymosis, the pulse string or Shibuya. Governing Law: promoting blood circulation, clear the network fine, and to Bushen Tianjing. Suitable for this type of high-dose "Dan spermatogenic" continuous use.